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Professional Witchcraft Services


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The Reverend Jo Ellen Michelle Talley, ULC, BA, MA, MA, MA, CHT, CST, MH (MFT-NAS), (see resumé) is a Minister of the Wiccan Way. Reverend Joey offers professional Witchcraft services. Joey has been practicing the Old Craft for over forty years. Born with a veil, called a caul, the Reverend was later trained in Tarot by Rusty Canarius, and tutored in spiritual healing by Starhawk.

As a child, Joey's natural talents were nurtured by wise women who taught her the powers in the cycles of the moon, the influences of stones and herbs, and a deep respect for life, nature, and feminine qualities. Joey learned to open herself to the cosmic energy and let this flow through her into others. Every available religious service was attended and its tenets explored.

In college, Reverend Joey met feminists and social radicals who taught her about the burning times and the truth of wimmin's herstory. They also initiated her into wimmin's mysteries and that forbidden knowledge. Academia allowed her to thoroughly explore the western psychology of paranormal events and psychic phenomenon, including visitations, channeling, faith healing, premonitions, hallucinations. The Reverend would then compare and contrast this modern patriarchal theory and technique to ancient Wiccan theology and ritual.

Years of practicing straight clinical psychotherapy in the square professional world was profitable and somewhat effective, but it was limited and rigid and patriarchal, in both treatment and structure. It became frustrating to Joey, who's wisdom and skill could not legally be applied. It was heartbreaking for her to watch clients continue to suffer unnecessarily, or worse, be drugged with hideous poisons. Finally, with the advent of HMO's, the situation became ridiculous as a helping way, and just intolerable to her ethical sensibilities.

The Reverend now keeps her MFCC license in abeyance. She has not practiced clinical psychotherapy per se for years. Clients reach their goals much faster, easier, and less expensively with the natural healing of the Wiccan womyn's way. Applying these Witchcraft techniques, Reverend Joey now aids and assists in all manner of life problems, issues of mental health and spirituality, goals for health, wealth, sex and love, and any psychic, magical, or paranormal needs. No problem is too big, too small, or too weird.

Reverend Joey has a private coven in Fairfax, California, affectionately called the Loving Coven, which holds a Wiccan ceremony of pagan Goddess worship every full moon, and a Sister Circle for women on the New Moon. High Holy Sabat are sometimes open to the public. See the events page.

The Reverend Joey is available to serve and assist you now.

Call now with any questions:
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