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Professional Witchcraft Services


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Full Moon Rituals
for Wimmin only at The Temple of the Righteous Sweeties in Fairfax.
Bring your drums and magic tools.
All levels welcome. Veggie potluck follows.
Call 415.990.6020 for address

Full Moon Sister Circle 2017 Dates
for Wimmin Only

  • April 10, Monday
  • May 10, Wednesday
  • June 9, Friday
  • July 8, Saturday
  • August 7, Monday
  • September 6, Wednesday
  • October 5, Thursday
  • November 3, Friday
  • December 3, Sunday


Line Image : Wicca Wimmins Moon Ritual of Marin.

Reverend Joey offers a Wimmin's Full Moon ritual for women only. This Starhawk-styled ceremony of Wicca Goddess Worship is a soul nurturing event for women only. Free of the male dynamic, we access and channel the powerful Moon Goddess Blessings. (No men at this event. Women only.) Sisters, please join our Join here!!

(Brothers genuinely interested in Wicca, women's rights, Goddess Worship, are encouraged to call the Reverend at 415.990.6020)

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Call for more information -- 415.990.6020 --

Line Image : Wicca & Witchcraft Training.

This is your opportunity to learn genuine Wicca and real Witchcraft from a true adept. I am a professional and can teach you all your desire to know about this revered Craft. Enhance your own psychic abilities, develop your own magical powers. Discover ancient secrets for spell crafting and historical techniques for energy manipulation. Connect with The Goddess through mystical knowledge and worldly wisdom. Develop skills for working with natural powers to influence your life for wellbeing. Create conscious relationships with your Spirit Guides and familiars. Receive the starlight blessing your mind. Feel the divine love.

Classes will be specified to meet selected students needs and abilities. What do you want to learn? Where are you now in your training? Join here!

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Reverend Joey is available as High Priestess for all your spiritual rituals.
Weddings, Funerals, Initiations, Moons, Sabat.
Traditional or custom tailored, the expertise of this adept Wicca are yours.

The reverend is delighted to hear from brothers who are interested in ritual.
Please call for more information   415.990.6020.

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My goal for ritual is to create a spiritually nurturing experience.
Please call, if you are interested in joining me for Wicca ceremony.
415 • 990 • 6020
I look forward to connecting with you in person. Blessed be thee and thine.


If you want to attend any ritual, please call for directions
415 • 990 • 6020

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Private Consultations
Professional Witchcraft Services Free Tarot Reading when You Call 415-485-3818

415 • 990 • 6020

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