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Professional Witchcraft Services


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Alternative Funerals
Specialized Ceremonies

Dealing with death is the most important and difficult challenge we must face in life. Do not trust this delicate and personal matter to mass produced verse and sterilized rhetoric from a cold and bored clergy. Make this funeral as unique and personal as the life of this dearly departed one.

When I officiate for you, the ceremony will be personally tailored to provide a satisfying closure for all. I offer you rituals constructed to assist the departed one's transition in the way you see fit, and to provide for the survivors' needs as well.

A good funeral is a blessing for the living, as much as for the dead. I look forward to being of service to you during your time of need.

The unique circumstances of this transition require my unique talents.

You, your family, and the dearly departed all deserve the compassion and skill that I, as a Wiccan adept, can offer. During this crucial period of change, give yourself the comfort and relief of genuine spiritual services and the solace of personalized care.

Celebratory or morbid, traditional or purely innovative, I will officiate at your funeral and cater to your special needs.


My fee for officiating a funeral is $600 plus traveling expenses.

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415 • 990 • 6020

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