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Professional Witchcraft Services

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Professional Witchcraft Services


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Let the renowned Reverend Joey astound and entertain your guests!

Reverend Joey is a gifted and talented psychic who amazed and impressed my guests with her deep insights and excellent foresight. We had some great laughs, and my friends still talk about it!
~ Diana King

Make your event an affair to remember!

Give your guests the unique and fascinating experience of a real Tarot reading by a Professional Witch. Garbed to fit your event, from corporate to whimsical or sincere, I will deliver accurate reads. As a genuine practitioner of the Old Craft, I'll give true insight and excellent guidance to delight your friends and colleagues. I will circulate freely through the crowd, offering each guest a one card draw from the classic Pamela Smith deck.

If you prefer, I can set up a quiet and private space for elaborate spreads of the cards, taking up to half an hour per person and using several decks and other esoteric tools.

Professional and compassionate, no guest need be shocked or frightened, unless you so desire.

Fees start at three hundred dollars plus travel expenses for an appearance of up to two hours.

Also available to your guests for an additional fee:

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Private Consultations
Professional Witchcraft Services Free Tarot Reading when You Call 415-485-3818

415 • 990 • 6020

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