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Professional Witchcraft Services


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The Reverend Jo Ellen Michelle Talley practices a style of Witchcraft that is generally referred to as Wicca. Reverend Joey offers private consultation and custom spell work. People approach the Reverend with all kinds of life’s problems, goals, questions and situations. Issues too unusual or dangerous to take to the straight world of western helpers are comfortably resolved with Reverend Joey's personalized Wicca help. No problem is too big, too small, or too weird. Resistant conditions and bizarre symptoms are welcome. Reverend Joey also officiates at weddings and funerals, and all rites of passage.

We have compiled some testimonials from clients, which you can read on our Testimonial page.

When you call the Reverend (415 • 990 • 6020), you will receive a free tarot and assessment. Reverend Joey will then arrange time for you to have personal and private care from her, or otherwise guide you. You may be asked to bring certain items with you. All is confidential.

In your private care you will receive a full, twelve card Celtic Cross spread on the classic Pamala Smith deck. The Reverend has other decks and oracles available as well, should you so desire. Reverend Joey has many tools of divination at her command.

Next the Reverend will examine your aura for you, both visually and tactilely. Chakras, attachments, colors and temperatures will all be considered. It is at this point that spirit guides and guardian angels most often revel themselves to Reverend Joey, to guide her efforts on your behalf.

From all of this information, The Reverend Joey can answer all your questions, and make her recommendations for what can be done to resolve the situation in the way you want. Often there are things that can be done right there, in the session, for no extra charge, such as an aura clearing or energy alignment, or a referral or reading list. Other issues are more complicated, and Reverend Joey will completely custom tailor for you a charm, potion, ritual, whatever the situation requires. Prices vary according to difficulty and ingredients.

INITIAL CONSULTATION . . . . Free when you call.

Rev Joey Talley

As a Reverend, legally ordained in the eyes of American law, Reverend Joey conducts legally binding weddings, (called "hand fasting" by Wiccas) dedications (called baptism by Christians), and funerals. See "Universal Life Church of Our Goddess" page.

Wicca wisdom and training in the art of Witchcraft is available for qualified persons.
Call for more information
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Below is a partial list of some of the topics and issues the Reverend assists using Wicca magic spells.

• Addictions
• Aliens
• Animals wild or
• Anxiety
• Apprenticeships
• Art
• Aura reading &
• Bad trips a specialty
• Black Magic Healed
• Body, Beauty, Size
• Cars bikes
• Charms
• Confusion
• Contact
• Contracts
• Courts
• Creativity
• Crime-criminals
   cured-heinous or
   petty, confidentiality
• Curses removed
• Decisions & choices
• Depression
• Direction
• Dreams &
• Drug use & abuse,
   prescriptions &
   street drugs
• Eco feminism
• Education in Tarot
• Energy alignments
• Family
• Fertility
• Feuds
• Gambling
• Ghosts, spirits,
   entities, good or bad
• Grief & loss
• Group services
• Guidance & Advice
• Guilt
• Hallucinations -
   including LSD,
    XTC, mushrooms,
• Hauntings
• Health - physical &
   mental issues
• Home, houses,
   apartments, tents,
   tepees, etc.
• Houses cleared
• In-laws
• Jail
• Landlords
• Law
• Loneliness
• Lost kin folk
• Love, Romance,
• Mojos
• Money, wealth,
   gambling, raises
• Music
• Pain
• Past lives
• Past lives integrated
• Peace
• Pets-lost, found,
• Police
• Political activism
• Possessions of
   person, place or
• Potency
• Potions
• Production
• Questions answered
• Referrals to
   specialized helpers
    & healers
• Regression
• Rituals, customized
   or established
• Safety & protection
• School
• Sex -more, less,
   different, how to
• Sharks
   repelled (and other
• Siblings
• Sleep - more, less,
• Spells
• Spirituality
• Tarot reading
• Tools, machines,
• Training in Wicca
• Trance
• Travails
• Travel
• Troubles
• Visions
• Vocation
• Work
• Worship & devotion
• Xenophile
• Xenophobe
• Your soul
• Zapping
• Zero Magic

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