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Tarot Class

Learn Tarot with Rev. Joey, Minister of the Wicca Way

This is a rare opportunity for small group learning from a true expert in the field. Reading for over forty years, the Reverend was trained in Tarot by Rusty Canarius, and tutored in Women's Spirituality by Starhawk. She lives and works her Wicca ministry in Fairfax, CA, where she uses her deck daily in serving her clients.

This two-day, tried-and-true, crash course on the Pamela Smith Tarot deck, commonly known as The Rider Deck, includes your deck, notebook, and vegan gourmet lunch both days. You will have an easily accessible note system that allows you to read for self and others immediately, as well as a clear comprehension of how the deck works, what the symbols mean and what the patterns reveal. The suits and elementals, the Egyptian images, the elementals will all offer information to you at a glance.


  • Your own Rider (Pamela Smith) Tarot deck, gifted to you by Reverend Joey
  • Cermony for bonding with your deck, and how to care for it.
  • Techniques and training to access and evolve your own intuive and psychic abilities.
  • Access inner ancient wisdom of the Mother Goddess through this ancient knowledge.
  • Many patterns and layouts will be shown, along with their applications.
  • You will be able to decipher any card for any question with this deep Wicca wisdom.
  • Knowledge, understanding, past and future. Love, health, money, career,
    All are clear to you with these skills.
  • A delicious vegan gourmet lunch is provided both days.
  • Appropriate for adept or beginners.
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Rev Joey Talley Tarot Class

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