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Whatever kind of problem you may have, whatever it is that you are struggling with, suffering from, and need help with, I urge you to call Reverend Joey NOW. You know you have some work to do, and Reverend Joey's gifted insights and guidance will help you succeed in your goals and take you from "I can't" to "I can". That's what she did for me.
~ Julie Moore

Just being around Reverend Joey, or hearing her voice on the phone,makes me feel better. She has a healing energy that swirls around her and envelops those lucky enough to be in her warm presence. Sheis always there to help me find my way when I feel seriously lost. I can't say enough good stuff about this Wicca Woman.
~ Gail Harrison, Nutritionist

Hello Reverend Joey! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your great talents and insights to me last Tuesday night in our appointment at your home. You were right on about so many things. It really helped me in re-grounding myself and knowing what to do. It was a very important move in helping me gain more confidence in my own intuition and decision making. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You are very talented.

~ Sarah Moore, Counselor
P.S. I'd love to come to a moon ritual!

Reverend Joey has been vital to my business and family for the last six years.  Her clear insight and her mastery of her skills consistently give me the results I seek.  Thank you Reverend Joey!
~ Dr Ella Factorovitch, MD

Reverend Joey's  gentle understanding and calm perseverance have been priceless support to me.  Loving, sincere and talented, I truly recommend her services for whatever ails you.
~ Marilyn Napartst, Political Activist

THE REVEREND JOEY, THE GOOD WITCH OF WEST MARIN We are indeed fortunate to have a real, practicing Witch in our midst here in the Bay Area! I have shared many magickal moments with Joey, and attest to her dedication to and knowledge of her Craft with great pleasure. Joey brings love, compassion and, most importantly, occasional humor to our Circles. She will do a free tarot reading for you at any time: in person, over the phone, or Between the Worlds. She has a special feeling for the cards. As a sister Witch and friend of hers, I have still not yet availed myself of the full scope of her Wiccan Wisdom and Services. Someday, I will fly my broomstick over the Bay to attend one of the monthly Moon Circles in her home. Until then, I hope she will join as many of our Circles as she can.
~ J.

The Doctors wanted to drug me and give me side effects. The Father wanted to condemn me. Joey gave me a practical solution for under a hundred bucks! After years of effort and grief she saved my marriage in less than an hour!
~ Wyn, devoted husband

Dearest Joey, when I read your e mails, as I always do, I concern myself not of your spelling nor typing skills, but I read and hear your heart, your good intent, your love and all you are offering in the name of solutions in this wonderful world we live in, so full of human suffering one can only be in reverence and awe of those kind souls, few and far between who get out of there way to be in service of another, that would be you..... so type some more, there are people out there quite interested in what you have to say and offer, and deeper then that, the universe hears you, which such knowledgeable intent your every prayer is blessed, heard and anticipated whether spoken or un-spoken, all love,
~ Tricia Barrett, Yogini

Reverend Joey saved my college career! I was struggling through a general ed economics class in college, and Joey made me a 'GPA mojo.' Lo and behold, I made an 'A' in that class, preserving my record, which eventually graduated me with a magna cum laude!
~ Danette C. S. Wolford, MSW, MPH

Working with Reverend Joey has been a heartwarming experience. It's great to have ceremony with someone so committed to her work. And her tarot classes was very well organized and her teaching method was very supportive. She's also a fabulous healthy cook! Yum, yum.
~ Beth Verdekal, Neighbor

The Reverend Joey Talley has helped me in many ways. Through her Tarot readings, she has helped bring clarity to muddled situations. With her Feng Shui, intuitive and Wicca skills, she has helped me locate, clear negative energy and organize my new healing office for optimal results. Not only is the Reverend Joey an accomplished Wiccan Priestess she is also a licensed marriage and family therapist. The Wicca and therapeutic background uniquely position her to work with a broad range of troubles that people encounter in this high stress, fast paced world. The Reverend Joey is always professional, kind, gentle, and compassionate. I highly recommend working with the Reverend Joey Talley.
Yours in health,

~ Dr. Linda Berry, DC, CCN

One of the best things that I have ever done in my life was doing the Full Moon Ceremonies. I really felt like there was something there.
~ Holly Abballo, Mother

It's great having you in our store and working with our customers. It puts a real positive spin on our ambience. You are always Joy-full and a pleasure to be around. Thanks for your caring words.

~ Lorie and the staff at Culture Shock

I first heard Rev. Joey on the radio (KMBR) and was captivated by her wisdom. I called her when I got home and she gave me some wonderful insight into my situation. Thank you!
~Kathleen Thompson, Bank Manager

My Solstice reading with Reverend Joey was sooooo helpful. She explained the difficulties I'd been having in a way that made sense to me and put me at ease about the future, about what's coming up for me. And she always works with such sweet compassion. I am grateful for her work!
~ M.W. -- Executive Coach and Group Facilitator

Joey Talley's monthly Sister Circle is a welcome and supportive gathering which celebrates womanhoodand the goddess in all of her incarnations. It is inclusive while also being a safe place for women to meet without the pressures of male-female politics and seduction. It's also the best of Pagan practice, grounded in mother earth veneration.
~ Karen Umland, Artist

Reverend Talley was an absolute Godsend for me during a difficult court battle I faced over the course of two years. The guidance, intuitive information and spells she used on my behalf created victory and success for me and a positive outcome from all. Due to her help I avoided pitfalls and was protected during what otherwise would have been a very difficult period in my life. I highly recommend her services.
-- a Marin Professional

I have wonderful memories of our truly unique wedding ceremony. Reverend Joey enchanted our guests with her summoning the four directions, her cleansing smudge, honey kiss and hand binding rituals. We will never forget the sense of peace, calmness, and love that she generated for us and for our celebrants. What a wonderful gift she gave us - her presence!
~ Donald Abrams (wedding performed by Reverend Joey)

Two years ago, I woke up to a stormy morning. Like clockwork, my friends, Isis and Raven (two rescue kitties), greet me at my bedroom door. However on this stormy morning, only Raven was there with her good morning mews! I knew immediately, that Isis was not in the house. I got dress and set out to find her. I looked for an hours and had no luck. I went in to get the help of my daughter. Together we searched the neighborhood and had no luck.
My daughter had gone out the night before and when she came home, Isis must have made a mad dash out the door. This meant Isis had been outside in a storm, no food, for over 7 hours.
I immediately called Rev. Joey. She didn't hesitate. Using her tarot cards and psychic intuition, She told me Isis was okay and would come home. She instructed me on where and when to expect her home, to visualize Isis's return, and then told me to call her when my friend came home.
I followed Rev. Joey's instruction to the 'T'. Upon completion, I told my daughter I was going to look for Isis again as Reverend Joey instructed me. Within 10 minutes of searching, I heard a muffled meow. I followed the sound and there she was wet, cold, and hungry. She appeared from the neighbor's garage; a place we had searched several times. I immediately called Rev. Joey with the news.
Thank you so much, Rev. Joey, for your wonderful sense of calm, knowing, and generosity.
In love and light,

~ Jan Martino, Neighbor

I knew from the first time we spoke on the phone, that Rev. Jo Talley was the real thing. She has always been very accurate and helpful with her tarot card readings. She especially helped me get over a terrible break-up with a past lover. She has made me a stronger and happier person.
Thank you!

~ Victoria Neri, Retail Manager

I would love to share with everyone that I had the "time of my life" when Reverend Joey taught me how to read the tarot, it was an experience I will cherish always..
~ Nawal Tamimi, Political Activist

My experience and sessions with Rev. Joey have been nothing less than supportive, welcoming, truthful, intense, focused, and a major relief. Her guidance has helped me through some of the worst times of my life and helped me to see it as the best time of my life. I consider her to be a most profound example of the authentic and diligent healer, doing the work now that honors all those healers who have come before. She is always there for me, always available and present. She sees me where I am and offers a view of where I am to be. I rest easier knowing she is in my life as one of my truest counselors and friends. Truly blessed be
~ Robert L. Gurley, Handyman

I would highly recommend Reverend Joey for helping make decisions. She is a gifted psychic and tarot reader - and she has used her magical charmed deck for bringing clarity and assistance for me in times of confusion in my life. I've been asking her about decisions, and her confidence in her cards and the wisdom she carries has already made my life so much easier. Everything she has told me to do or recommended has turned out perfect. It is so reassuring knowing I have a true guide to turn to in my life.
~ Alissa Ferranto, Human Genome Project

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