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Professional Witchcraft Services


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Reverend Joey enchanted our guests with her summoning the four directions, her cleansing smudge, honey kiss, and hand fasting rituals. We will never forget the sense of peace, calm, and love that she generated for us and for our celebrants.
What a wonderful gift she gave us - her presence!

~ Donald Abrams

Planning Your Wedding

As a minister, legally ordained under U.S.A. law, my signature on your marriage documents makes your ceremony legal and the marriage contract binding, no matter what the ceremony does or does not entail.

When I officiate at your wedding you can design your ceremony exactly the way you want it to be. Your vows can be as personalized as you like, and your ritual as traditional or as unique as you wish. I will gladly accommodate and facilitate any customization you desire for your ceremony.

As a minister of the Wiccan Way, I specialize in the Hand Fasting ritual. This powerful ceremony is a genuine magic spell. If you choose this ancient ceremony of the Old Religion, I can adjust the magical impact from none to all as you prefer. All the magic, in any ceremony you create, is precisely focused to accomplish your heart's desire.


My fee for officiating your wedding is $1300, plus traveling expenses.

This package includes:

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Private Consultations
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415 • 990 • 6020

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